Taste Terps

ABX concentrates feature top-shelf, first-in-class flavor, aroma, and effects. Carefully curated, whole flower, top-tier extracts.

Whole flower icon
Whole flower is hand-selected and fresh frozen to preserve the terpene, flavonoid, and cannabinoid profile.
Sub-zero temperatures icon
Cold stored at our farms and then cold transported to ABX extraction freezers.
Cold extraction icon
Cold extracted with the purest hydrocarbon at -100o F
Butane evaporation icon
We evaporate and remove the hydrocarbon (butane). Using pressure, THCA diamonds are separated from the terpene sauce and we purge any remaining hydrocarbon with a target of 0 PPM.
No CRCs icon
Diamonds are recombined with the same sauce from each batch. No CRC or steam distillation, ever.
Jar icon
Our top-shelf extracts are filled into our jewel-like, stay-clean reusable glass jars for premium protection of your most precious concentrates.
Truck icon
Cold stored and cold delivered to your door to maintain product quality.

Strain-specific, true-to-plant experiences

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Learn more at ABX.org

Learn more at ABX.org